Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Essence (DW!) - I Love My Jeans & Fivepocket Grey

Today I have for you the last two polishes from Denim Wanted! collection.

The first is: I Love My Jeans.

This is one is very pigmented and I used only one coat.

Color is black with a lot of colored shimmer.

The last one (but not the least important) is: Fivepocket Grey.

For this one I used 1 coat only.

The color is lovely but nothing special (I have at least 3 similar shades of grey at home).

Well, this is a whole collection and I'm really happy that I got all polishes. :)



  1. tadva sta mi od celtone kolekcije res najbolj všeč! =)


    You have been tagged! :-)

  3. Everything looks gorgeous on your nails! I love my jeans is my fave!

  4. mancina => A res? Meni pa sivko ni kaj posebnega, črni s shimmrom je pa res krasen in poseben.

    sabbatha => Thank you! *hug*

    ShortAndSweetNails => Thanks, sweety! *kiss*