Thursday, May 13, 2010

Essence Crazy About Colour - Crazy Me

Hello girls!

Last days I've been very busy and so my blog is suffering a bit. I hope you forgive me and I will also try to make up for lost time. I have a lot of your blogs to catch up. :)

Today is on my nails the most wanted polish recently. :D It was hard to get it. But now I'm happy, because I own it.

Check this beauty!

I was surprised about the quality of polishes from this collection. As Think Pink and Lilac Forever also Crazy Me was perfect for application.

Color would be very difficult to define. It's not green, it's not blue, but it's something in between. The finish is creamy as in the previous two in this collection.

Do you like this one? Do you own it? Probably, if you're from Slovenia, this polish is already in your collection. :) What about the other?


  1. meni su super ti crazy lakovi, ali jos uvijek ta kolekcija nije u mom DM-u :/ drze onu bezveznu fashionista. :( mislim da mi je ljubicasta favorit od ovih :)

  2. Suuper je! Zdaj mi je zelo zelo žal, da ga nisem kupila... :) Ta barva je po moje neka vrsta 'teal' barve. Googli jo, pa boš videla, da je blizu ;P

  3. Love it, actually bought it myself yesterday, have yet to try it out but based on your pictures it will be sooner than expected :) you got a new follower!

  4. I love it, I bought it for a friend but I think I'll take a second for me ^^

  5. Blanka => Thanx! I hope your store will soon get this collection! :)

    Dorotea! Thank you too! :)

    Tiana => Ja, se strinjam - opis teal barva je res še najbližji za tega lepotca. :) Hvala!

    Iris => Thank you! I can't wait to see your photos! :) And welcome!

    Ayuu => Yes, I recommend you your own Crazy Me! Thanx for comment! :)