Wednesday, November 24, 2010

KOTD: OPI Ink + ChG Sci-Fi

After a long time I have to show you my today's konadicure. :)

I used:

- Look by Bipa - Diamond Hardener
- OPI Ink
- China Glaze Sci-Fi
- konad plate s6
- Essie Good to Go

Thanks for visiting my blog! *hug*

Have a nice and polished day! :)


  1. I like when you make this design on you :)

  2. so cute.. i really love ur nail shape..

  3. sem že kar malo pogrešala tvoje objave, priznam =)
    tale mani je spet čudovita!

  4. That is really cool. It makes me wish that I had proper patterned konads. I only have little flowers and such.

  5. looks grogeous! ♥

  6. I just bought OPI ink (came in a duo pack with You don't know Jacques) Can't wait to use it. Love the pattern!

  7. I am impressed by how sharp the image looks. Amazing! I have to get my hands on this china glaze...
    Love it

  8. Beautiful! You've got such nice nails!

  9. Hi Tassa! I just love your blog!
    I sell some Konad products here in Brazil and I'd love to use some of your photos to ilustrate the konad plates I sell. Is that ok with you? I hope so!
    Thanks a lot for the blog, it's amazing! ;)

  10. Thanks, girls! :) *hugs*

    @ Biba => Ja, čas je že bil, da spet začnem malo ustvarjati. ;)

    @ mancina => Hvala! *hug*

    @ Luiza Bráulio => I'm really honored that you like my blog and my konad creations. :)
    Could you please give me a link to your shop, so I can see how it looks. You can even send me e-mail (