Sunday, June 30, 2013

Essence - Me & My Ice Cream

Hey girls... hello again... after some time. :)

Today I will show you my new stuff from the latest Essence collection - Me & My Ice Cream.

Here are 4 polishes.

The application of all was not the easiest. You must be very careful if you want to get through with two coats. Very quickly you get brush stripes. The brush is wider but straight cut and it was easy to use.

I put 2 coats on each swatch. All photos are without top coat. The finish is shimmer.

01 Ben & Cherries

02 Always In My Mint

03 Ice, Ice Baby

04 Icylicious

I bought shimmer pearls too. They looked so tempting and shimmery that I have to get them. :)

Do you like Me & My Ice Cream? Do you have anything? Have something on wish list? :)


  1. Mint odtenek mi je bil zanimiv, ampak ga nisem vzela, ker imam že preveč podobnih odtenkov.

  2. I so want all of these products!!

    1. Where do you live? I could get you these products for you if you like?

  3. Hi there, those shimmer pearls are soooo cute! It's unfortunate I don't get it in my country. Are you interested in a swap?

    1. I have all these products near me and could get you them if you like?

  4. This collection should appear in our stores anytime soon, I'm glad you already swatched the polishes! I really like their subtle shimmer, it's a pity they're not easy to work with :/

  5. Jaz sem mint lakec vzela, še vedno pa razmišljam če bi te kroglice al jih ne bi, ne vem :)