Tuesday, June 29, 2010

OPI Shrek Forever After Collection - Who the Shrek Are You?

It's time for Shrek collection. :)

Online shop Za piko na i kindly sent me this set of polishes.

First I'll show you Who the Shrek Are You?

I can not describe the color. It's kinda dirty green. LOL
See the photos and decide for yourself what color it is. :)

The application was easy. I used 2 coats.

I love this tiny bottles, they're so adorable (but my fingers looks so huge :P ).

Interestingly is that I'm not fan of Shrek, but I like this collection (of course if it's nail polishes). :D

What do you think? Is this color for me? Whether it should rather be left to Shrek?


  1. lepo <3
    žal na meni potrebuje vsaj 3 plasti :)

  2. Hvala, Anček! :)

    Moj se je pa super nanašal in tud dobro pigmentiran se mi je zdel.

  3. Lepo ti pristoji! Meni je barva ful dobra. <3

  4. Shrek bi takoj Fiono zamenjal zate. :)) Hehe, hec. :) Res je posebna barva! :)

  5. Me likes!!!!
    That green suits you very good :D

  6. elchy in Tinna => Hvala! :)

    Ivana => Ti si me pa nasmejala. LOL Kar naj ga Fiona obdrži. :D :D
    Hvala! :)

    Linnie => Thank you! :))

  7. I think you wear it really well!! Lol it is a weird colour isn't it?? It just looks like Shrek!

  8. Oh Good!

    I love OPI Nail Lacquer!

    But it's so dificult to find it here in Brazil!


  9. Thanks, 'chelle and Ju R! :)

  10. so cute on you! everytime i go to buy the shrek collection colors, i'm like, "...really? i am going to buy these?!" and i put them back. but i still want them!!

  11. I must admit that is one of the ugliest colors I ever saw.
    But that doesn't mean I'm not going to love it next year after I get used to the colors. :)

  12. I love how odd the color is. It's like you love to hate it, lol I featured this on my blog today and thought I would come by to give you a heads up!