Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Purple Basic polish

Today I have for you another 'no name' polish. :)

I bought it in a small drugstore in Austria.

The bottle is very small and there is only 5 ml polish in it. But the price is ridiculously low; costs only 0,99€. :)

The application was little difficult. The polish is slightly less pigmented. But I added only two coats (the second one is thicker).

For such a low price I'm satisfied with Basic polishes and I think I will buy them more. :)


  1. Very pretty purple! And so cheap =)

  2. well I have 2 polishes of this brand, no name, only a number but I don't try them yet !!
    this purple is nice ^^

  3. ahh lepa vijolična <3
    super ti pristoji =)

  4. I have this polish too. This colour is my favourite of Basic polish. :)

  5. An => The color is really beautiful. :)

  6. i got the same polish, is has the ref. no. 5502 09. i can also recommend the grey one no. 5502 10 and one of the bigger bottles with no. 5501 13.