Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Kelier Crackle Polish - Red

This is crackle polish from Born Pretty Store.
Here I have already shown you what a wonderful package I got from Jessica. Thanks again! *hug*

Well, let's go to business. :D

Today I will show you Kelier - Red Magic Instant Cracking Nail Polish.
It should be red crackle polish, but it's more pink than red. :)

I added it over China Glaze - Something Sweet.

This is the final result:

This photo was taken just after I applied Kelier crackle polish:

10 minutes later:

30 minutes later:

The drying time was very long. Maybe I applied too thick coat, but I like larger cracks and so I applied more polish over the base.

Despite the fact that I am not a pink fan I quite like the final look. Because I don't have any other crackle polish I can't make comparisons. But somehow I like these types of cracks.

If you like my mani, you should visit Born Pretty Store.

Thanks for stopping by! :) Have a nice day!


  1. Prelep je in super kombinacija, na SS se sploh spomnila nisem. <3 Uporabi fen, boš šlo vse ekstremno hitro. :D

  2. Hvala, Ivana! *hug*
    Na fen sem se pa spomnila pa si ga nisem upala uporabit, da ne bi razpoke "ponorele". Nisem vedela kako bo vse skupaj odreagiralo pod tako ekstremno temperaturo. :) No, za drugič vem, da funkcionira.

  3. I love the way these crackle polishes look, I'm going to have to order some also.

  4. Yes, they look very interesting! :) If you like them you should order them. They are not so expensive and colors are really nice.

  5. Prav fino je videt crackle efekt še v drugih barvah! :)

  6. @ Biba => A ne da! :) Črn je že prav dolgočasen... pa tud to ne škodi, če so razpoke malo drugačne. ;)

    @ Diana => Thanks! It's really nice color - regardless of whether is a red or pink. ;)

  7. Wow, this looks nice! The color is great, I like that pink-ish red shade of it.

    You have a really nice blog, I truly enjoy reading it. :>
    Have a nice day!

    ♥, Ansku

  8. Great progress pictures! 30 minutes is a long time; when I tried the black it was only around 10 minutes to get full crack effect.