Thursday, February 17, 2011

KOTD: Green Flowers

Essence (Return to Paradise TE) Back to Paradise + China Glaze Metallic Muse + konad plate m64 + Essie Good to Go



  1. Great combination! I have a question: doesn't Good To Go smear the design when you use it over konad? I wanna try it, but I'm afraid it'll distort my konadicures..

  2. @ Silence is Loud => Thanks! :)

    @ ritterbraten => It depends on the polish. ChG from Chrome collection are very good and fast dry, so G2G doesn't smear designs. If you use G2G over the Special Konad polishes you must pull brush very quickly and only once in one place.
    Thank you!

  3. You read my mind... I was SO just thinking of Konading over my Zoya Dana with this pattern!

  4. really beautyiful! lovely flowers in green

  5. I weat this flowers today, I loveeeee !
    Colors are great :) !