Saturday, April 17, 2010

Basic LE Winter Elegance

Today I have for you two polishes from Baisic's limited edition. This winter collection was called WINTER ELEGANCE.
I own this two for a quite long time, but somehow they never came on turn. :)

First is light pink and it's more appropriate for french manicure as alone. On my photos are 2 coats and I apply just over base coat, because I expected less sheer look. Next time I will try it over white tips.

The second one is dark purple with cream finish. The application was without any problems.
I added 2 coats.

Of these two I prefer purple.
I'm not sure if there were more polishes in this collection. I only got these two. But they are definitely worth the money. I recommend them to you.

I hope you enjoy the weekend! :)


  1. The purple one is really nice :)

  2. basic seems to re-release some LE's because I heard that this was realeased one winter before... really strange

  3. Where do you get this brand? I've never heard of it in the US.....


  4. Tassa, ti še veliko lepotcev skrivaš v omari, vidim :D

  5. AllYouDesire => Thanx! :)

    amusedPolish => Oooo really??? I can't belive it. I bought it two month ago.

    Tiffani => I bought them in Austria in the drugstore called Schlecker. I hope I helped you. :)

    Biba => Ja, res je! :D Pa še kar novi se kopičijo. :)

  6. joj kok maš pa ti lepe nohtke! prvi ti ful paše, druga ja pa prou meni ena najlepših temnovijoličnih <3

  7. Hvala, mancina! Kako si prijazna! :) *hug*