Thursday, April 8, 2010

Layering with Essence Joe and L.A. Colors Pink Sizzle

Today I wanted to show you L.A. Colors - Pink Sizzle. This color is very sheer and I've decided (for the first time) to use the method of layering.

So I browse my box with nail polishes and immediately decided for Essence - Joe.

I was surprised that this one was opaque with only one coat. The application was flawless and the polish was perfect consistency.

I love the base color, but nevertheless I decided to add Pink Sizzle. And this combination I like even more. :)

The color is just prefect for sunny days. You can see a little of purple, a lot of pink and sometimes even gold. :)

Because it was beautiful, sunny day today I just can't stop staring at my nails.
Simply love this combination. What about you? Like it or not like it? :)


  1. Lovely. Can't believe the Essence goes on in just 1 coat! Wish we had it in the UK. You came up with a really good mani.

  2. yup..definetely joe <3 <3 omg how beautiful this color is to me <3

  3. Ow, I love it! Joe looks great on its own too! Can't wait to try it out ;) And the layering looks very pretty - I like the duochrome<3<3

  4. jaljen => Thanx! :) I was shocked too; one coat - unbelievable.

    mancina => Yes, Joe rocks! :)

    Tiana => Thank you. I like duochrome too.

    nihrida => I could not agree with you more. :) Thanx!