Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Essence (Denim Wanted!) High Waist Pink + Black Kelier

Last few days we have really beautiful and sunny weather, so I decided to apply powerful color. :)

Pink is not one of my favorite shades, but this one is so special that even I like it. :)

The color is between pink and coral.

I added 2 coats.

Over pink shade I added 1 coat of Black Kelier crackle polish (this one you can buy at BornPrettyStore).

Thanks for visiting my blog! :)



  1. Haha, I bought this shade 'cause I wanted the whole collection but I don't like corals, so I thought I'd swatch it with a black crackle :p
    That's pretty, I like it with the discreet strokes of pink :)

  2. OMG!! that color is sooo pretty!! the perfect spring color!! I love it! I wish I'm close by an Ulta... **sigh**

  3. Hey.. where do you buy your Essence polishes ?

  4. @ Gwenn: Thanks! I like it with black too! :)

    @ AnNeTtEe: Thank you! :)

    @ *Eva*: Thanks! :)

    @ Pernille: I'm from Europe (Slovenia) and we have Essence products in all drug stores. :)

  5. rekla bih da bi bilo bolje da crackle ima vece pukotine, a HWP je jedan od lakova za koje sam malo pozalila sto nisam kupila iako znam da je lagano krivi ton za mene

  6. @ Lendoxia: Ja, ta crackle ima res zelo majhne razpoke, pa ravno to ga dela posebnega. :)
    Hvala za tvoj komentar! :)