Tuesday, March 16, 2010

China Glaze - For Audrey

Today I have for you another nail polish in which I'm in love. :)
This is gorgeous turquise China Glaze - For Audrey.

This color is on my favorite forum ARS Cosmetica already a legend. Every girl has it and every girl loves it. :)

I couldn't decided which konad pattern should add so I decided to add only 2 coats of glittery nail polish.

Because the glitter is very colorful it was really hard to take a photos. This is the best I could do. :)

Do you like glittery polishes?


  1. I like this glitter layered over ChG :)

    And I guess I'm the only one that still don't have this polish...

  2. I like the glitter too, but I didn't like the removal of it. Uhh, it was hard to get them off my nails. :)

    You should get For Audrey, it's really must have. :)

  3. hehe Tassa očitno sva danes obe v For Audrey mood ;)

  4. Thank you for the sweet comment!!! =) Made my day. I'm super jealous of your nails, they're so nice!

  5. mancina => Ja, sem opazila. :) Pa še obe sva morali malo popestriti, čeprav je že sama osnova prečudovita. :)

    kelsealaurel => Thank you. :)