Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Essie - Van D'Go

Today I have for you one shade of spring. :)
This is Essie - Van D'Go.

This polish is from new Essie spring collection. So far is the only polish from this collection which I own.

It was a little dificult to take a photos of that polish, because my camera hate shades like this. :)) But I do my best. And because of that I included more photos, so you can imagine how it really looks.

The color is quite powerful and it's not so soft.

The application wasn't difficult at all. There are 2 coats on the photos.

I like this color and I think it is just perfect for sping and summer.


  1. tale lakec mi ni na nobeni slikici preveč všeč, ampak tebi pa res zelo paše! :)

  2. Hvala, Anček. Saj v živo je precej bolj živ, se mi zdi, da ga nobena fotka ne prikaže takšnega kot je. Drugače je pa meni še najbolj všeč s konadom (tako kot vsi lakci). :))

  3. Yes, it really is. :) Thanx.