Friday, March 19, 2010

Orly - Temptress

Hey girls!

How are you today? Are you glad that it's friday? Any special plans for the weekend? :)

Today I want to show you one beautiful red nail polish.
This is Orly - Temptress.


I had a little trouble with brush, because it has unequally long hair.

In shade

There are 2 coats on the photos.

In the sun

It has red and gold shimmer in red base color. Shimmer is quite small and you can see it only on the direct sun.

In my collection is not much red polishes, but this one deserves to be in. I think it is a classic red. :)


  1. Noro lep je, sploh na zadnji sliki, ko se vidi zlat shimmer! Pa da si imela kake težave pri nanosu, sploh ni opaziti, ker je perfektno :)

  2. Hvala, Biba. Ja, korekturni svinčnik je bil kar precej zaposlen. :))

  3. i really don't like shimmery red polishes lately...prefer creme or glitter =) but this one looks amazing on you!