Saturday, March 13, 2010

Should I write in English?

Hello girls!

What do you say. Should I write my blog in English language.

I noticed that I got a few followers from foreign countries and I'm glad that I have you guys.
But probably my blog is not so interesting for you, because it is in Slowenian language. I'm trying that there is a lot of photos, but maybe I can try a little bit more and I could add a few words in english if you want me to do so. You've probably noticed that my english is not so good, so you must apologize me if sometimes there will be mistakes.

Well let's see if you are interested to read my blog in English. Please leave a comment below.

Thanks for visiting my blog. :)


  1. Yes English would be alright!
    Maybe not the whole story, but part of it?

  2. That would be great! I usually search for your site in google and have it translated there so it wouldn't be a big deal if you don't have the time to write in English.

  3. I've seen on some blogs a link to Google Translate which has a drop-down box of many, many languages into which the blog can be translated. So, maybe do whatever language you like and just include the translation button. -jen

  4. Jen, I don't know how to include this translation box.

    I've decided that I will write in English. :)
    It's really not a bad idea. I will be forced to practice my english. :)

    Thanx girls.

  5. Hehe tale Google Translate meni ni nič kaj všeč... Enkrat sem probala nekaj prevesti z njim, pa mi je napisal nekaj zelo čudnega... Mislm, da ne prevaja dobro- prevaja dobesedno besedo za besedo. Včasih pa kakšno kar mimo vrže...:(

  6. Tiana => Se popolnoma strinjam s tabo. Mislim, da je moja angleščina še vedno boljša kot od google translaterja. :))

    Guinevere => From now on my posts will be in English. :)

  7. Tassa, I have the Google Translate tool on my blog ... what you do is go in your blog setup to "Layout", click to add a gadget, then search in the upper right for "translate". The Google one was about 5th down the list when I searched ... hope this helps =)

    PS - I love your blog & I haven't minded just looking at pics so far =)

  8. You should write in whatever language you want. ;) btw. Google translate doesn't translate very good in Slovenian language. :(

  9. Colette => Thanks for information how to set translate box, but Slowenian language is really bed translated and I will rather try to write in English.

    Maestra => Thanx. Yes, English will be. ;)