Friday, July 9, 2010

Essence (Eclipse TE) Undead? + Konad

Here is another polish from Essence's Eclipse Trend Edition.
And this one is called Undead? :)

Black base with purple and pink shimmer in it.

But I wasn't so impressed with it, because it's most of the time just black. :P
So I added some konad and this combo I like better. :))

* Essence (Eclipse) - Undead?
* Color Club - Wild at Heart
* konad plate m65
* Essie Good to Go

Have a nice day, my dear readers.


  1. Tale Undead? je res lep! Super si ga pokonadirala. Jooooj, kako so tvoji nohti že dolgi! Lepiii <3<3<3

  2. waaaw konad laku prav naredi piko na i!! =)

  3. I'm absolutely crazy about this color club!

  4. Tale lak mene drgač res ne prepriča, ker ne maram temnih lakov, ampak s konadom! :O WOOW, that's all I can say! Obvladaš!!! (se že ponavljam, vem - ampak ne najdem drugih besed :D)

  5. I like this polish a lot better with konadicure over it. :)

  6. Me too! ;) Thanks, Gejba! :)