Friday, July 2, 2010

Guppy #24

Today I will show you a shade that is more autumn color. I got it from the friendly girl gani and I could not wait until autumn to try it out.

Thanx, gani! :)

The color is dark brown and the finish is creme.

The application was great. The polish is just perfect consistency and very well pigmented. I used only one coat. *shock*

I really hate spiders, but anyway I have to try this design on my nails. LOL
I used China Glaze 2030 and Bundle Monster plate.

(This konadicure has not been long on my nails. Yuck spiders!)

Do you like Guppy polishes? This one is my first and so far I like it.

BYE! :)


  1. Nice colour! Love the Konad! I just can't get the spider web from my plate onto my stamper :(

  2. Thank you, Spaceinvaders!

    I didn't have any problems with spider web. It goes normal from plate on stamper.

  3. that's such a nice color!! & you do such a neat & nice application... wish I could do my nails like that! is Guppy available in the US?

  4. Thank you, AnNeTtEe! :)

    I have no idea where you can get Guppy polishes. I got this one from friend and that's all I know. ;)

  5. WOW!! i love it.. im also scared at spider..LOL but I love ur mani so much!! xoxo

  6. Very pretty brown Tassa!! It's actually too hot to wear it now, but I can understand why you tried it!! Lovely :D

  7. One coat!? That's my kind of polish :)
    I love how this color looks on you.

  8. Awesome color! I don't have any brown cremes, but the dark ones really appeal to me. I should try a color like this. :)

  9. Čudovita manikura! Jaz pa imam zelo rada pajke. :) Prav zanimivo mi jih je opazovati. Tudi če ga kje v stanovanju najdem, se nekaj časa igram z njim in ga potem odnesem ven. :)

  10. Thanks, ThRiSzHa, Linnie, ShortAndSweetNails and StardustStephanie! *hug*

    elchy => Fuuuj! ;) Hvala!

  11. lepa manikura! Bo treba sprobat te Guppy lakce ;)