Thursday, May 20, 2010

Essence - Bonnie

Today I've decided for powerful color. I've looked in my box and this blue polish has stood out. Is from Essence Nail Art Twin collection and her twin brother is Clyde. But today I will show you just Bonnie, without Clyde. :)

The application was super. I added 2 coats. The polish is well pigmented and maybe 1 coat would be enough.

I really like this color! I'm glad that I got it.

Do you like blue polishes? Should I add Clyde?

Enjoy the day! :)


  1. Kakšen lepotec! Sploh ne rabi Clyde-a. =)

  2. Ja, tale Bonnie zadene naravnost v srce :)

    Pa še namig: za odstranjevanje definitivno priporočam foil metodo, ker tale Bonnie pusti svoje sledi povsod - tudi na koži ob odstranjevanju.

  3. Like it! No Clyde please. ;)

  4. I like it better without Clyde. :)

  5. What about Clyde on just your ring finger????


  6. Neverjetno ti paše! <3 Ta je moj najljubši iz te kolekcije in sem prepričana, da ne potrebuje Clyda! Tvoji nohtki so super! ;)

  7. Čudovit odtenek in lepo ti paše. <3

  8. Thanks, girls! I totally agree with you, this color looks stunning! :)

    But, I'm rebel - you can expect mani with Clyde! LOL