Monday, May 10, 2010

Essence Crazy About Colour - Think Pink

This is Essence spring Trend Edition. Maybe I'm a little bit late, but this polishes are very hard to get in Slovenia and I needed some time to get them all.

The most difficult was to get 03 Crazy Me and I'm really happy that nice girl *Fleur* send it to me! Thank you!!! *hug*

I've decided to show you the first one from this collection and this is THINK PINK. :)
This is bright pink color! :) And maybe is too pink for me. :P

The application was flawless and I added 2 coats! The finish is creamy.

Next time I will show you Lilac Forever. Stay with me! :)

The end of this post I would like to devote to all my readers and followers!
I would like to thank you for follow my blog! *hug*
I'm so happy and excited for reaching 100 followers. Some time ago this was just my dream and fantasy. Thank you all and I hope I wouldn't disappointed you in the future. I will give my best!



  1. Nice colour! It's too pink for me - I'd never wear it haha, but it's really cute. Looks good on you :)

  2. Nice ! I'll get it if they still have it in the shop where I can find them :)

  3. Congratulations on 100! *hugs back*
    isn't it fun?


  4. I love this colour on you! Congrats on the 100 followers!

  5. Michelle => Thanx! I wear it just for swatching. ;)

    Ayuu => Thank you! I hope you will get it! :)

    Tiffani => Thank you! Yes, it's fun! :)

    Rebecca => Thank you too. For compliment and for congrats. :)

  6. Congrats on the followers, Tassa!
    The polishes look great, too bad they won't be releasing this collection here in Italy :(.

  7. čestitam ob stotki Tassa!me pa ne čudi ker res obvladaš!
    in komaj že čakam lilkota.. <3

  8. čestitam! lušten lakec, nohti so pa itak <3

  9. Thanx, girls! :) You're so sweet! *hug*

    Hvala, punce! :) Res ste krasne! *hug*