Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Essence Joe + Victory

The accident happened and my nails are short again. :D One of them has broken and so I have to shorten them all. They look so funny to me and I have to get used to them.

Today is on my nails sparkly combination. :)

Joe & Victory!

They are made for each other. :D Both are from Essence Trend Edition called Be a Nail Artist.

Joe is creme, purple polish and Victory is clear base with purple glitter and holographic squares.

I really like this combination but I'm afraid of removing it. I have a bad experience with removing glittery polishes. :P

What do you think about this two polishes? Don't they look great together? What do you think of my shortened nails?

Enjoy your day and thanks for your comments! *hug*


  1. I love them !! I try today romeo & julia (on my blog if you want to see). this collection is great.

  2. I love those polish twins, I wish they were available here in Belgium !
    I also like your shorter nails, they are pretty :)

  3. Love the polish combination! The square glitter is so cute, and so are your shorter nails. ;)

  4. I love the polish combination, but I'm always annoyed with the glitter topper because I can't apply the glitter evenly. I'm a perfectionist :))

  5. I think this shorter length looks great on you!

    I love those polishes and wish they were available here in the U.S. We've just started to get Essence and have only the Colour & Go line so far.

  6. I like this combo a lot!
    That length of nail is what my nails look like at their maximum length!

  7. ohhh!! I heart lavender!! thats really a great combi!!

  8. Thanx girls, for every comment and nice words!!! *hug*

    Hvala, punce! Res ste prijazne! :)