Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Essence SYF - In the Jungle

You've probably noticed that green is not my color and quite rare you can see it on my nails. :)

But I could not resist to buy this beauty. I think that in every polish box must be green color and this one is for me perfect green, which deserves to be in my polish box. :D

The application was very good. The color is well pigmented and nearly one coat was enough. For depth I added 2 coats.

Well, I might even become like green polishes! LOL

I can not wait to see this color on my toenails. I think that I will like it there even more. :)

And now it's konad time!!! LOL
You can expect photos with konad design in the near future! :D

Good night my ladies!


  1. It looks awesome on you!
    I really like it on toes too, even more than on my finger nails =)

  2. green is not my color too, but i might just try this one all though i wasnt happy with opi jade is the new black and these two are similar.
    but it really looks good one the second photo :)

  3. This color looks fabulous on you!!! I think green will surprise you =D I never thought I'd like it either, but now I'm in LOVE!!!!

    ~Nailstah (

  4. nice green polishes :) love it !!

  5. zame sicer tale barva ni, ampak na tvojih krempeljcih zgleda pretty nice ;)
    sem v pričakovanju konadikure =)

  6. Anček => Thanx! I think I will like it on my toes too! :)

    Blanka => Thank you! The second photo is not so realistic, is more darker! :)

    ANSTAH => I still wait that green will surprise me! LOL Thank you for you comment and for visiting my blog!

    Lily nail => Thanx, Lily! :)

    mancina => Hvala! Ja, tud najbolj moja barva ni, ampak vse je treba probat! :D