Monday, May 24, 2010

Essence TE Into The Wild - Zulu

A few days ago I got 3 polishes from Essence Trend Edition called Into The Wild.

Today I will show you my favourite shade from this collection.
Here is ZULU.
The color is between grey, brown and sometimes even light lavender.

The finish should be matte. But I don't think that this is matte finish. I'm not a big fan of matte polishes, but this one I really like (maybe because it's not matte). LOL

The applicaction was fine. I added 2 coats.

I love Zulu and I'm glad that I got it!

Have a nice day!


  1. Very pretty! I hope I'll manage to find it here. ^^

  2. lovely color! looks great on your nails and against your skintone!

  3. kok je leeep :) js ga pa nikjer ne dobim :(

  4. Čudovito ti paše in res je lep! <3 Sem prav vesela in ti zelo hvaležna, da si mi ga priskrbela. *hug*

  5. Yay so similar with my name =) now my love is bigger for that color =)

  6. The more I see it, the more I want it ! It's very pretty on you !

  7. hi! new follower here!! love your blog!! i'm amazed at how nice you paint your nails.. it's very nice & neat!! I love this color! it reminds me of OPI's Barefoot in Barcelona.. I love shades like this... where can I find essence?? is this brand available in the US??

    check out my blog when u get the chance.. I would love to have you as one of my followers.... =).. thanks!

  8. Zulu je res posrečen! Love love love!

  9. Thanks, girls!!! *hug* You made my day!

    AnNeTtEe => Welcome to my blog! And thank you for compliments! :)
    Yes, I think that Essence stuff can be bought in US. :) But I'm not sure for Trend Editions.

  10. love this colour! Will get it in my local drugstore soon - can't wait! Thanks for sharing!