Friday, May 28, 2010

Essie - Lapis of Luxury

Beautiful blue color. Perfect for summer days. :)

The polish is a little bit runny and it needed three coats. I may added them too fast (first layer was not yet dry) and so you can see the mini bubbles.

I love all polishes from Essie Resort Collection, but this one really touches my heart. <3

Because of the bubbles I quickly added konad. Stay with me, if you're interested in what I create. :))


  1. It's very pretty, can't wait to see which Konad design you chose to add to it! ;)

  2. Wow I really really REALLY like this color, such a pretty blue, *rushes to Ebay*

  3. I always admire this one whenever people post it!

  4. Thanks, girls! :)

    Konad is coming...

  5. I bought Spalsh of Grenadine today, but I should get this one too !